Media Diet


2021-10-02: Not quite going to work.

2021-10-01: After this week, the right answer was a Garam Masala Old Fashioned.

2021-09-28: From this morning’s quick run around the Short North.

2021-09-25: Everything is just a little better with coffee.

2021-09-18: It’s been a profoundly long day.

2021-09-17: Did you know that a study recently showed that if you replaced your coffee with herbal tea, you …

2021-09-10: Night shift.

2021-09-09: When the going gets weird…

2021-09-09: Eastbound and down.

2021-09-02: Back in the Haymarket

2021-08-27: No one rides for free.

2021-08-09: Where the boardwalk ends.

2021-08-09: No. 5. You’ll do.

2021-08-08: Sailing

2021-08-07: Like ships in the afternoon.

2021-08-07: Loco Weather

2021-07-22: Family reunion?

2021-07-20: Fallen

2021-07-16: I’m looking at the bookshelf in my office, thinking, “Certainly I could get one more on …

2021-06-21: Feels like it’s going to be a long day.

2021-06-18: This would have been 85. We threw brats on the grill, made potato salad, and capped the night with …

2021-06-12: Looking up.

2021-06-03: Anita. Range: 0 Miles

2021-05-30: Air Force E-4B x2

2021-05-29: Sun’s finally out here in Lincoln. Enjoy it while it’s here.

2021-05-27: Current office view.

2021-05-18: I’m not saying the coffee situation here is dire, but I’m taking appropriate, preventative, measures …

2021-05-18: If we walk home a certain way, we pass a huge magnolia tree. This time of year, If @Young_LG is with …

2021-05-13: Pee is for Pantone…

2021-05-12: “It is vital that motorists do not overwhelm the system by filling their tanks,” De Haan said in …

2021-05-08: Beautiful day to go for a ride.

2021-05-06: NY Times continues to produce great data visualizations with compelling narratives. …

2021-05-06: Ad Account Disabled:…

2021-04-30: A Couple of Nights in Durham…

2021-04-26: A Quick Forest Walk (from a couple of weeks ago).…

2021-04-24: MicroBlogger: This looks like it could be handy.

2021-04-17: Labyrinth

2021-04-14: Rope Course Giant

2021-04-14: Second dose done.

2021-04-01: If you’d like evidence that Zuck doesn’t need to build “Instagram for Kids” just …

2021-03-27: Curious if anyone has committed to Lightroom CC and relegated Lightroom Classic to being a filing …

2021-03-05: Today made brighter buy running into this Banksy gem via Kottke.

2021-03-04: Looks like I’m going to be all in on a new hobby the next few days.

2021-03-03: Day 31: Defiance

2021-03-02: Day 30: Privacy | I’m sure whoever or whatever is down there has plenty.

2021-03-01: Day 29: Light

2021-02-28: Day 28: Up | And up.

2021-02-28: Day 27: Pompasetting | Not at all right, but I’m late. So I’m showing off this art I found a few …

2021-02-26: Day 26: Favourite | I needed some help with this one. Turns out Laura was wearing her favorite socks …

2021-02-25: Day 25: Code | A bit of a reach from 2006—when I ordered a MINI Cooper S. That was the first …

2021-02-24: Day 24: Baby | I’m the one in the hat.

2021-02-24: Makes sense. This piece has always spoken to me.…

2021-02-23: Day 23: Banana | Literally had no bananas or photos of. I did have this though.

2021-02-23: This was the runner up for yesterday’s “spell” post. Also from the Kröller-Müller Museum—playing …

2021-02-22: Day 22: Spell

2021-02-21: Day 21: Color | It’s what’s for breakfast.

2021-02-20: Day 20: Weather | This was Iowa in 2019, by the time we came through here things had improved. …

2021-02-19: Day 19: Alive | Dont’ worry, Laura’s still alive.

2021-02-18: Day 18: At Home | In this case, it’s some where I feel at home. Hoping I can get back to driving, …

2021-02-17: Day 17: Still | We’d gotten up early that morning, early enough to beat everyone else out to …

2021-02-16: Day 16: Erudite | Not sure why, but I rummaged around to find this photo from Italy.

2021-02-15: Day 15: Reflection | On New Year’s Eve 2020, we went for a walk. A dozen or so light art …

2021-02-14: Day 14: Compassion

2021-02-13: Day 13: Make | Had to dig deep on this one. I think that’s because it’s been a long time since I’ve …

2021-02-12: Day 12: Sporg | A fictional word, until now: Presenting Sporg™ Brand sporks. Not really, this is a …

2021-02-11: Day 11: Machine | So, I’d planned to shoot a watch. Partially because I’ll be selling …

2021-02-10: Day 10: Energy | In this case, the process of turning money into smoke and noise.

2021-02-09: Day 9: Muddy Because of the way we turn in and out of our drive, one side gets the gravel excavated …

2021-02-08: They Day 8 prompt of the photoblogging challenge is “hope.” Feels like riffing off the prior …

2021-02-07: For Day 7, craving, it’s the itch to travel. See new things, explore new places. Hopefully our …

2021-02-06: Day 6: Sport—a good reminder to check the certification date on my helmet. 2020 was a season like no …

2021-02-05: Pets, right? This one just travels from one sunspot to the next during the winter.

2021-02-04: Day 4: Layers

2021-02-03: Looking west.

2021-02-03: Today’s photo challenge: comfort. 7ish years on this hoodie. Keeps getting better.

2021-02-02: Morning beverage. And, let’s be clear: afternoon, late afternoon, maybe even early evening.

2021-02-01: Close up of what I hear calling every now and then. I didn’t want to take 57 our last week …

2021-01-20: This is good news!…

2021-01-19: The American Abyss “Post-truth is pre-fascism, and Trump has been our post-truth president. When we give up on truth, …

2021-01-15: Out with the not really that old…

2021-01-10: A quick trip the museum park today. This trail had been closed the last few times we’d been—so this …

2021-01-09: Side 1. Track 1.

2021-01-07: Can we update, “Free speech doesn’t allow you to yell, ’Fire” in a crowded theater.” with modern …

2021-01-07: This shirt seemed to levitate to the top of the drawer today.

2021-01-07: It’d be great to see all 147 of these Republicans get voted out at the next opportunity. …

2021-01-05: Got this yesterday, the first proper work day of 2021. Colonel Panic is a Major Buzz-kill.

2020-12-03: Fascinating. This sort of data processing is always interesting to me. Need to explore it more, but …

2020-11-29: Old Orchard Birthday Escape Four great days back in the mountains, but this time out in Ashe Co. at Old Orchard Creek. Also, the …

2020-11-26: Sharpening Knives It’d been on my mind for a while: our go-to kitchen knives are due to be sharpened. I should do it …

2020-11-25: “That’s mate in three.” The Queen’s Gambit lives up to the hype with the first episode.

2020-11-19: Is it just me or is Dark Mode on macOS a train wreck? Little third-party app things like text …

2020-11-13: This shirt is going to get a lot of mileage.

2020-11-07: So. Relieved.

2020-11-04: “Forget Maui.”

2020-11-01: First pumpkin I’ve carved in a while.

2020-10-20: Happy to have checked this off the list today.

2020-10-19: I must admit, it was nice to get out with a camera and not a phone last week.

2020-10-18: Saturday was chilly a mile or so up.


2020-10-05: This is a garbage headline, right? I can’t tell any more. Seems like there are better examples …

2020-09-30: Fantastic resource from the ACLU to make sure you’re prepared to vote this year. 2020 is both …

2020-09-27: A bit of company during a tire change.

2020-09-19: On the way

2020-08-26: Forgot that I snapped this walking back from grid Sunday.

2020-08-18: Today’s word was “grid.” It’s late so, we’re digging deep here, but grid is where you go before …

2020-08-17: Day 17 of #mbaug is “cuddly.” Guess that makes Rango two for two.

2020-08-16: It’s rare for him to be stationary, aside from being on the couch or on a lap. Usually that lap …

2020-08-15: Rainy silhouette for today’s #mbaig

2020-08-14: Finally ordered and picked up some Old Fashioned mix from Foundation—among my favorite bars in …

2020-08-13: On a ruck this morning, realized this house I’ve walked past hundreds of times is likely a …

2020-08-13: It’s an afternoon cup kind of day. It also covers “filter” for #mbaug.

2020-08-12: Sound. For me and #mbaug to unpack the day.

2020-08-11: For transport, today’s #mbaug word, I went with literal and wishful. From Las Vegas a few …

2020-08-10: I was a day early on windows for #mbaug, so here’s a second take. Shot this in early June here …

2020-08-09: Windows for #mbaug

2020-08-08: Grayson Highlands. Thinking we’re going back this fall. #mbaug

2020-08-07: Today’s word for #mbaug is Daytripping. 57 is overdue for an extended drive.

2020-08-06: Lebanon has been on my mind of late. Took this in Beirut back in 2008. If you can, consider a …

2020-08-05: I had an issue with my well worn Kaweco Sport—I had swapped out the cartridge and the flow was …

2020-08-04: Need to get this framed soon.

2020-08-03: Fetch. It’s serious business.

2020-08-03: I seem to have BYOBug to the party. #mbaug

2020-08-02: Hello watermelon mojito.

2020-08-02: Floating. Made me think of last weekend, the weekend before… last month, let’s go with …

2020-08-01: From today’s ride: A sculpture made from the trash found along the greenway creek.

2020-07-30: That would be these @patrickrhone

2020-07-26: One more for the road.

2020-07-19: Middle Sound

2020-07-12: Needed more Cupajoe. Took the Checkpoint.


2020-06-30: Halfway.

2020-06-29: Waiting on a kettle…

2020-06-22: Really digging the content and presentation of this iconic Robert Frank image. …

2020-06-21: Good bye.

2020-06-06: I certainly don’t feel 82% acclimated.

2020-05-22: A few shots from a morning stroll to @boultedbread

2020-05-21: In a surprising twist, Quark is still around. Honestly, I thought they got sold off for parts years …

2020-05-19: Media Diet for 19 May 2020 Trying something, see if it sticks. A running thread on the stuff I’m watching and listening …

2020-05-13: Pretty stoked that @iAWriter added publishing.

2020-05-02: Ayers has been my life coach for the past few years.…

2020-05-01: May Day

2020-04-01: Sometimes I think they should just rename “Archer” to “Pam.”

2020-03-29: Cup-a-Joe on Hillsborough St. is usually packed inside and out on a Sunday. I got two pounds of …

2020-03-26: Took a break from The Last of Us and Before the Flood and have both of these new Ghosts albums …

2020-03-23: This is just right for social distancing on a pretty dreary day.…

2020-03-22: Things didn’t work out for the Black Queen Bee in this game of Hive, but thanks to local game store …

2020-03-18: How much would the $6 Million Man cost in today’s dollars? Research required.

2020-03-16: Bring me a chicken.

2020-03-13: Georgia, circa 2020.

2020-03-05: Trash Panda

2020-02-21: This guy had a rough night.

2020-02-20: Here’s to snow.

2020-02-16: I was going through some stuff, cleaning up, clearing out. This was in a box from my mom’s …

2020-02-14: What could go wrong with this?

2020-02-11: It’s the little things. Shout out to @HenrysMuffler here in Raleigh. Showed up for my 2:30 …

2020-02-07: When you wake up because the power went out. #coffeefirst

2020-02-04: Spot?

2020-02-03: Took time to reflect on our camping trip last fall. Really need to find a space for hammock around …

2020-02-02: A balanced breakfast?

2020-02-01: Running was getting boring, so I took the path less taken. This was one of the payoffs.

2020-01-29: 16" MacBook Pro I’m about three weeks in with a 16” MacBook Pro. I think we’ll get along just …

2019-12-04: Since Notes was introduced, I’ve used one password for locked notes. After Catalina/iOS 13, …

2019-11-25: It was a long trip for this one.

2019-11-24: That’s 20 installs. Enough Deezer for a lifetime. I think the answer is to uninstall IQ. @garmin …

2019-11-10: Water, water everywhere…

2019-11-02: Cheers

2019-10-31: Halloween Selfie

2019-10-31: How you doin?

2019-10-31: Merry Christmas!

2019-10-30: Going to rent Capt. Marvel this weekend.

2019-10-30: Running dangerously low. Need to get to #cupajoeraleigh

2019-10-25: Capital Club View

2019-10-19: From this morning’s commute.

2019-10-19: Twice in one month?

2019-10-18: That’s got to be the end.

2019-10-18: TGIF

2019-10-17: When dinosaurs roamed.


2019-10-05: Good to get this one out to play.

2019-09-28: Guess we don’t need to move to Oregon now.

2019-09-25: I’m confident my spirit animal is in here.…

2019-09-21: One hatch to rule them all.

2019-09-20: It’s like Lincoln showed up on my doorstep.

2019-09-18: Monday was a fog.

2019-09-17: … there it is.




2019-09-09: Forward my mail.


2019-09-07: From the boardwalk.

2019-09-07: Going up.

2019-09-07: Outbound to Lincoln

2019-08-27: Oh

2019-08-21: Found this week’s theme song.…

2019-08-20: Enjoying the buffet?

2019-08-17: Pretty sure these eBay aluminum specials were acquired in 2008. They came off today. Got our moneys …

2019-08-17: Quick lazy shot while waiting for a train.

2019-08-17: New shoes Saturday. @enkeiwheels #rpf1

2019-08-15: #TBT to my favorite bicycle of 2012.

2019-08-13: iPadOS Beta’s keyboard support is wafer thin.

2019-08-05: We’ve all made them.

2019-08-03: Not usually seen at a Pro.

2019-08-02: Helloscoda

2019-08-02: As seen in Michigan.

2019-07-29: Quite the pairing in my feed today.

2019-07-27: Back on the road after a year thanks to some help from friends.

2019-07-25: Let’s go have fun at VIR.

2019-07-21: You go ahead, I’m going to be a minute.

2019-07-18: Going way back to my first Pro Solo. #tbt

2019-07-14: City chicken on the run.

2019-07-10: Somewhere in Bristol…

2019-07-09: Switched back to Light mode on macOS. Having the shadows to show stack order, such a small thing …

2019-07-06: Let’s see what this whole Bristol site is about.

2019-07-04: Happy Birthday

2019-06-30: Food Hall?

2019-06-29: Seems about right.

2019-06-26: So long Seattle.

2019-06-23: Great playing with cars @dirtfishrally

2019-06-23: Today’s office.

2019-06-23: Need more fender liners, clips, and corner markers.

2019-06-23: Hey! A slalom! What could go wrong besides left foot braking?

2019-06-23: My ride for the day: Car No. 6

2019-06-23: I like this place already.

2019-06-22: Vaya con Dios Viaduct

2019-06-22: Industry

2019-06-21: Let’s make this official.

2019-06-21: Of course, the first place we hit for coffee in Seattle offers Counter Culture. Can’t escape the …

2019-06-16: Day Three in the watery wasteland of Toledo.

2019-06-15: We’re on a concrete runway out here, honest.

2019-06-15: Pro Solo Pattern detected.

2019-06-11: Trying out the Archetype One on a NATO or three. It’s easily the smallest watch I have.

2019-06-11: Should I stay or should I go?

2019-06-08: The Geb @ Imurj

2019-06-02: Busy Sunday night @transfercofoodhall

2019-06-01: Beware the bunny.

2019-05-31: Some Fridays get blue ribbons.

2019-05-29: Super Nice

2019-05-27: When did Noah build the ark?

2019-05-27: Heading East

2019-05-27: These two. #amirite

2019-05-27: Looks like Day 2 will be drying conditions. It’s going to be interesting.

2019-05-26: This looks quite entertaining.

2019-05-26: Champ Tours. Where you need to get it done in 3 (or less?) runs.

2019-05-26: So many Pros, forgot about drivers meeting at tours.

2019-05-25: SSC. The carnage is real.

2019-05-24: Let’s see how this goes in the dry.

2019-05-22: Don Quixote


2019-05-19: I wouldn’t say it was “sincerely” closed.

2019-05-02: Finally made it out of the storm.

2019-05-02: This is fine.

2019-04-27: A little shelter.

2019-04-26: I’m a little late to the party, but I brought these.

2019-04-23: Can’t believe Ghosts I-IV is over a decade old. Heavy rotation this morning. …

2019-04-21: Happy Easter?

2019-04-20: Sunset Cruisin’

2019-04-20: Yesterday’s weather.

2019-04-19: Safe and sound for now.

2019-04-18: That’s a new one…

2019-04-13: Going to need s snorkel and some water wings.

2019-04-12: Painted

2019-04-12: 207’

2019-04-12: Mississippi Hwy

2019-04-12: Just passing through.

2019-04-11: Spicy Homemade

2019-04-09: I hope that’s pollen.

2019-04-02: Last week’s walk to Mecca.

2019-03-31: Getting Schooled

2019-03-26: So long for now NOLA.

2019-03-25: Selfie?

2019-03-25: Temptation?

2019-03-25: Hammered

2019-03-24: Fellow passenger waiting to board the same flight has a copy of War and Peace. Now I’m worried about …

2019-03-24: Totally legit.

2019-03-23: Best CAM Car

2019-03-16: Good Night Raleigh

2019-03-09: Today’s conditions? Dirt Trackin’

2019-03-08: Fifth Degree Jenga Black Belt

2019-03-03: I’ve got a few more of these coming, but for now the start of a rolling list of playlists/music. …

2019-03-02: Fickle weather.

2019-02-20: Yesterday’s Roadtrip

2019-02-13: I’ll have to pour one out for Opportunity tonight.…

2019-02-05: Another stress test for the FactStream app.

2019-02-02: Last night.

2019-02-01: I went to write the date a moment ago and nearly inked “Febtober.”

2019-01-31: For some sweet (temporary) jumps.

2019-01-24: Been looking for a tool like this for a while. #madewithfuzion

2019-01-13: This artifact lit right up with a little juice.

2019-01-11: A cold pilgrimage this morning.

2019-01-10: Glad we cleared that up.

2019-01-10: Just a moment of a appreciation this morning for Dan Benjamin’s Bacon Method.

2019-01-01: Out to the woods for 2019.

2018-12-27: It’s loose!

2018-12-23: Lost me Lucky Charms

2018-12-09: That first one is a doozy.

2018-12-09: Plaza Peekaboo

2018-12-08: Circus Circus makes me want rewatch Diamonds Are Forever.

2018-12-07: We were having such a nice walk today.

2018-12-07: The flight in last night.

2018-12-07: Good morning view.

2018-12-07: Cleared for take off.

2018-11-29: A couple of shots from wandering around the 21c gallery in Durham last night.

2018-11-25: Art Park Barricades

2018-11-16: Look at this little jerk.

2018-11-16: Wrapping up the week, I’ve got Fury Road: Black and Chrome Edition on a second display and …

2018-11-13: Just. Wow. Amazing time-lapse footage, beautifully edited.…

2018-11-09: If a hardware change is eminent for this 27-inch, Late 2013 iMac: Go with an OWC SSD upgrade for the …

2018-11-09: Erased the APFS partition, reinstalled Mojave. Seemed like things were good until this morning when …

2018-11-08: St. Aug Lit

2018-11-08: Today just got a bit longer.

2018-11-07: I’ll have to figure out if Flickr has become relevant to me again. …

2018-11-07: Nicely written piece by Clare Malone that nails the overwhelming feeling of “meh” I have after …

2018-11-04: Yesterday’s beach walk.

2018-11-03: Sunset cruise lived up to its name.

2018-11-03: WB Biker Gang

2018-11-03: From yesterday: “I don’t think the heavy stuff is going to come down for a while.”

2018-11-02: Johnnie’s Pier

2018-10-31: Last Friday we made early voting a family thing.

2018-10-28: Still laughing about this. What a great autox crew to run with.

2018-10-20: Despite the weather and the dirt track style course in the afternoon, it was a good day.

2018-10-07: A morning stroll to crush jet lag.




2018-09-15: Looks like my bag was #hurricaneflorence proof. #carrythrough

2018-09-11: This breaks my brain.

2018-09-08: The only way out is through.

2018-09-08: #solonatsjustwontquit



2018-09-06: There are many SSC cars here. This one is mine—well, at least for today.




2018-09-03: …while waiting for breakfast.

2018-09-02: Lincoln

2018-09-02: Mmmmm. CAM.

2018-09-01: My ride for the week(!?!) in grid for @fishercjs and @dragonofid in L4

2018-08-31: I’ve got a limited number of number of these stickers for the first class of SSC. Let me know in the …

2018-08-30: Dressed up.

2018-08-29: On the road again.

2018-08-28: Is this a sign? I think it’s a sign.

2018-08-25: Guess that’s my prep for Nationals.

2018-08-04: Rain’s comin’ to the orchard.

2018-08-04: Cattle Cloud

2018-08-03: Cottage Cat

2018-08-03: Pit Stop

2018-07-28: Beans acquired.

2018-07-22: Thanks for the ride today @dragonofid

2018-07-22: This is a great idea.



2018-06-23: From the Katy

2018-06-19: Dear June, Kind of early for this sort of shit, isn’t it? XOXO

2018-06-09: Some loot from the #ncfarmersmarket ride with @oaksandspokes

2018-05-12: We’re going to need a bigger bottle. #happymothersday?

2018-05-06: Loaded for home.

2018-05-05: Car is on deck in L4 here in Jersey.

2018-05-04: Road to Jersey

2018-05-01: Early voting with @younglg after breakfast. #readytovote @wakeelections

2018-04-30: Proof of life.

2018-04-29: The back straight.

2018-04-28: Pulling up to the line. #scottsfirstprosolo

2018-04-27: .500 will get $20 #scca #prosolo

2018-04-27: Universal Brush

2018-04-26: Over the Miss




2018-04-26: The Twin That Made the Blytheville Run in Less Than 12 Hours

2018-04-26: No sign of Billy Zane anywhere.

2018-04-21: Outtakes: Devil’s Orchard 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story with @jenniferbisbing …

2018-04-21: Outtakes: Elk 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story with @jenniferbisbing #idaho

2018-04-20: Outtakes: Gilmore Arms courtesy @jenniferbisbing 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story …

2018-04-15: One last hike before digging in to edit 5 days of photos. 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, …

2018-04-14: Upper Pittsburgh 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story with @jenniferbisbing #idaho …

2018-04-14: Where’d I put my hand basket? 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story with …

2018-04-13: Going to take their word for it 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story with …

2018-04-13: Shut it and drive.

2018-04-13: Free Parking 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story with @jenniferbisbing #idaho …

2018-04-12: Trading Post Arrival 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story with @jenniferbisbing #idaho …

2018-04-12: It was brisk. Yes @jenniferbisbing and I were shooting in that. #notinkansasanymore

2018-04-11: Inferno Profile 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story with @spratte #idaho #boiseidaho …

2018-04-11: No idea what to call this guy. 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story with @spratte …

2018-04-10: I always find a bar on these trips. 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story with …

2018-04-10: A “finished” shot from that location. 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story with …

2018-04-10: So it begins. 120 Hours: Idaho 5 Days, 2 Photographers, 1 Story with @jenniferbisbing #idaho …

2018-04-09: Know your audience.

2018-04-09: 06/2010




2018-04-06: Peli-Can

2018-04-06: Sound Sunset

2018-03-30: Gridded up!



2018-03-20: One City Center Fog

2018-03-17: Just need a few stickers. #sccasolo #ssc

2018-03-17: That’s one too many, isn’t it.

2018-02-18: It started so promising.

2018-02-10: Is that breakfast?

2018-01-27: Well, it’s building up to it.


2018-01-10: The long way home.

2018-01-09: Seems to be going well.

2018-01-06: One more piece of the SSC puzzle arrives.

2017-12-28: Lobby 5

2017-12-28: Lobby 4



2017-12-27: Lobby 3

2017-12-27: Lobby 2

2017-12-27: Lobby

2017-12-25: Merry Christmas on the coast.

2017-12-04: Morning commute is going well.

2017-12-03: Yes. It tastes good. #cureat

2017-11-15: 7/7

2017-11-13: 6/7

2017-11-07: 5/7

2017-11-05: 4/7

2017-11-04: 3/7

2017-11-03: 2/7

2017-11-02: 1/7

2017-10-10: You should too.

2017-10-04: Fucking “A”

2017-10-04: These guys seem to be up to no good.

2017-09-15: Lit

2017-09-10: Clearing up a Vitamin V deficiency.



2017-09-06: Craft

2017-09-06: Good morning Lincoln.

2017-09-04: Let’s get this figured out, shall we?

2017-09-02: After all these years heading to Nats, the timing worked out for BBQ in KC. Gates BBQ was way too …




2017-09-01: Tasty ribs on the way to Nats.

2017-09-01: Two ways to get there.

2017-09-01: Who the hell ordered the soup?

2017-08-30: Top of the morning to ya.

2017-08-21: Closing in on as close as we’ll get to totality around here.

2017-08-18: Klan confrontation in front of Durham Courthouse.

2017-08-15: Tappen

2017-08-12: A Saturday night in Vermont

2017-08-10: #employeebenefits

2017-08-10: It’s been a minute AC.

2017-08-10: Missing

2017-08-09: Up we go.

2017-08-09: Gonna sleep well tonight with this watching over us.

2017-08-05: Absolute Garbage

2017-08-05: Walked around the corner, felt like I interrupted these two. #officeportraits

2017-08-04: #officeportrait

2017-07-28: Proper start to the day. (Reminds me I need to make a @cureatapp list for RDU coffee.)

2017-07-28: Meanwhile, in the office.

2017-07-15: Lunch en route to coast.

2017-07-07: It’s too big to be a space station.

2017-07-01: Pier clean.


2017-07-01: Morning lens flare.

2017-07-01: Morning view.

2017-06-30: Topsail Driveby

2017-06-28: Another creepy doorway in the “new” office space.

2017-06-26: Here’s to ya.

2017-06-24: Good morning view.

2017-06-23: 21c Birthday Surprise

2017-06-21: ‘night Durham. It’s been a good day.

2017-06-20: Pretty sure that’s out of spec. #concretegrip

2017-06-20: Nachos are delicious.

2017-06-10: Gridded up at the Toledo Pro.

2017-06-09: Stormy detour.

2017-05-26: From the DRX

2017-05-21: Schrodinger’s Cone?

2017-05-19: Traffic patterns.

2017-05-19: Connecting flight.

2017-05-19: First stop.

2017-05-02: Afternoon bump.

2017-05-01: What’s in the basement?

2017-04-18: Gotta love grabbing a late bite at Mecca.

2017-04-15: Nice day to walk to Tasty, pickup some provisions.

2017-04-09: This morning’s bachelor breakfast.

2017-04-09: Last night’s house date dinner.

2017-04-07: Making tough to get the laptop out.

2017-03-26: After riding around in my AX bag for I don’t know how long, this thing might finally fulfill …

2017-03-26: My photo bombed ride for the day.

2017-03-18: Tasty! @cureatapp

2017-03-04: Thanks for another great event @florenceforth

2017-03-03: Ascent Remix

2017-03-03: Red Rock Remix

2017-02-12: 20 Year Old

2017-01-30: Sheer Vegas

2017-01-29: Nothing sinister here. Move along.

2017-01-29: Velveteen

2017-01-28: Happy New Year

2017-01-28: Good morning?

2017-01-28: Descent

2017-01-28: Ascent

2016-11-03: Might be my favorite spot in Wrightsville.

2016-11-03: Boredwalk.

2016-11-02: Larabar might be letting their brand and packaging standards slide.

2016-11-01: This guy keeps telling me about a great party out in the woods. Seems legit.

2016-09-10: Escape Geometry?

2016-09-10: Escape from Kansas City

2016-09-09: SCCA staff distributes personal floatation devices to course workers.

2016-09-09: Not ideal conditions.

2016-09-08: HS Grid. Let’s go!

2016-09-03: Good morning.

2016-09-02: Hello Lincoln.

2016-09-02: So it begins.

2016-09-01: Hello St. Louis

2016-08-30: Food Truck Lunch #telecommuting + #livedowntown

2016-08-21: Raleigh Gargoyle

2016-08-21: En route to the Wilmington Summer Pro a few weeks ago.

2016-08-20: Clear. For now.

2016-06-12: So long Toledo Pro.

2016-06-09: On this road again.

2016-05-28: Never forget.

2016-05-27: The time between acts.

2016-05-13: The bad decisions just keep on coming.

2016-05-13: Scenic Overlook

2016-04-23: Perfect morning. Perfect breakfast.

2016-04-07: I got extra stickers for more horsepower.

2016-04-02: Cloud break.

2016-03-31: Safe and sound 3/3

2016-03-31: Safe and sound 2/3

2016-03-31: Safe and sound 1/3

2016-03-22: Really well done @standardsmanual.

2015-05-30: What do you do when you’re leading after day one?

2015-05-30: I think we know how this is going to work out.

2015-05-24: Yesterday’s bike ride.

2015-05-24: JoCo Sunset

2015-05-03: 2-Bone Rib Samich

2015-05-03: Arkansas

2015-05-01: Boneyard Sundown

2015-05-01: Missouri

2015-04-24: She’s aiming to misbehave. @gbaake

2015-04-18: Pool Parrty

2015-04-13: Reception Procession

2015-04-13: Razorwire Bridge

2015-04-13: Brooklyn Footwear

2015-04-11: It’s based off our names.

2015-04-09: Been a long time.

2015-03-28: Never fails to entertain.

2015-03-27: Good night.

2015-03-27: Good morning.

2015-03-15: Georgia Morning

2015-01-03: Super tasty dinner cooking brew from UBC.

2015-01-01: Going where we shouldn’t.

2015-01-01: Oh, and happy 2015.

2014-12-31: Lady Cairn

2014-12-31: Not a bad way to spend the last day.

2014-12-29: To

2014-12-29: Away

2014-10-26: Fall Sunday Breakfast

2014-09-28: Good morning Asheville.

2014-09-27: Nice start.

2014-07-28: Tasty! Thanks @JJCantBeBothrd !

2014-07-06: #3

2014-06-27: Someone’s going to have to go back and get a shitload of limes.

2014-06-18: Here’s to ya.

2014-06-14: Al fresco

2014-06-14: Never listen to the 10-day forecast.

2014-05-25: Look ma’, no worms!

2014-04-21: Today’s commute.

2014-04-10: #pdxs

2014-04-08: Today’s commute home.

2014-04-05: Happy April. #nofilter

2014-03-16: Georgia. WTH?

2014-03-14: Rides again.

2014-03-02: By Tuesday we should have enough to make an offer on Manhattan.

2014-03-01: Going into the light.

2014-02-09: Good times. #nofilter

2014-02-07: Fail Friday?

2014-01-31: I think it’s broken (in) as of last night.

2014-01-28: 5-10”

2014-01-28: Let’s burn some oil.

2014-01-01: An awful lot like 2013 for these guys.

2013-12-31: So long 2013

2013-12-26: Changing of the guard.

2013-12-15: This, obviously, isn’t going to drink itself.

2013-12-06: First stop today.

2013-11-30: Gravel Road

2013-11-23: Smolder

2013-09-28: Best wedding reception centerpiece ever?

2013-09-27: Lane Markers

2013-09-23: And so the invasion begins.

2013-09-07: The Ohio

2013-09-06: So hard to find good food on the road.

2013-08-30: Getting the TT dressed for the big dance.

2013-08-19: For Laura

2013-08-01: First ProSolo ever. DC. 2007. Photo courtesy @Teamwtf #tbt

2013-07-27: That’s day one of the Toledo Pro in the books.

2013-07-15: Old Houses. So. Much. Fun.

2013-07-07: In Arkansas some pigs do fly.

2013-07-03: Crossing the mighty.

2013-06-25: Today’s commute was going so well.

2013-06-13: Actually Air Force One.

2013-06-12: (And here’s to the exit row on a 767.)

2013-06-12: Yes. Yes I am.

2013-06-12: A very long very short day.

2013-04-21: One more.

2013-04-21: Over the bridge.

2013-04-21: Outta here.

2013-04-13: WBF

2013-04-12: Nice neighborhood.

2013-04-09: Morning Awning @thecupcakebar

2013-03-29: The finest in microwaves.

2013-03-21: Private Coach

2013-03-21: Old Boots

2013-02-24: Cleaning up and found some ancient history.

2012-12-17: Thinking it’s time to pack up my Instabags.

2012-12-08: End of Island

2012-12-07: Our view.

2012-12-05: Almost there.

2012-11-23: Loaded

2012-11-23: Edenton Sunset


2012-09-28: One more.

2012-09-28: Potential Release.

2012-09-14: The Girl from the Acorn

2012-09-14: The River and @Young_LG

2012-09-14: Man of Beasts

2012-09-11: But that’s impossible. It’s unplugged.

2012-09-10: Leftovers from getting brats ready for the grill.

2012-09-08: Ruh-roll.

2012-09-08: Just a trace.

2012-09-08: Pre-Kentucky

2012-09-07: How about carry-out?

2012-09-07: Long way to go.

2012-09-07: Champ!

2012-09-04: In grid.

2012-09-03: Guess the scorpion is out of the bag.

2012-09-02: Because 5 Hours is for amateurs.

2012-09-02: Stocking up for the championship.

2012-08-31: Getting close.

2012-08-30: Meanwhile, somewhere in Illinois…

2012-08-28: Yes. It’s a shirt. Details to follow.

2012-08-25: New Wear Item

2012-08-23: If you can walk away from it, it’s a good landing.

2012-08-23: Just don’t.

2012-08-23: Laura grabbed this from the back seat as we buzzed the house.

2012-08-23: Here we go.

2012-08-23: This could be interesting.

2012-08-21: Wonder if the get a lot of wrong numbers.

2012-08-19: Waited a long time to open this.

2012-08-18: SOB

2012-08-05: Prep

2012-08-05: Rev Limiter + Traffic=

2012-08-05: This is going to be interesting.

2012-07-29: It takes a village.

2012-07-26: It gets worse.

2012-07-26: I should probably focus on driving.

2012-07-26: A warm welcome to Ohio

2012-07-19: Summer

2012-07-17: Round and round. #nofilter

2012-07-17: We all have one. #nofilter

2012-07-17: 8mm of memories.

2012-07-16: Sound the sirens.

2012-06-22: Weekend.

2012-06-11: This is Arkansas telling us to get out.

2012-06-10: Test Cell

2012-06-10: Back.

2012-06-07: Towers

2012-06-07: So many Jims.

2012-06-07: Gwen. Not Killed. Yet.

2012-06-07: The Road Again

2012-06-04: In two weeks we’ll do this with our own tomatoes and not just the basil.

2012-04-28: Ours.

2012-04-28: Waiting.

2012-04-13: Crazy C.

2012-03-30: #acronymfail

2012-03-24: All singing. All dancing.

2012-03-24: This is a chemical burn.

2012-03-24: … she needed a caseworker.

2012-03-24: We have the exact same briefcase.

2012-02-23: My walk…

2012-02-09: Not Full of Monkeys

2012-01-29: Time to Go

2012-01-15: Capacitive Touch Gloves

2012-01-06: L. Catches the Sunset

2012-01-01: Happy New Year

2012-01-01: Our Street

2011-12-25: Tradition 6

2011-12-25: Tradition 5

2011-12-24: Tradition 3

2011-12-24: Tradition 2

2011-12-24: Tradition 1

2011-12-18: Break’s Over


2011-12-16: Clearing City Cemetary

2011-12-14: Lost Keys



2011-12-08: Closed.

2011-12-08: Morning


2011-10-25: They opened early for me. Thanks.

2011-10-20: Fresh Off the Bud

2011-10-17: Offered without comment.

2011-10-14: Caroline at Sadlacks

2011-10-08: It’s like a signature.

2011-10-04: Meeting Provisions

2011-10-04: Loose Changes

2011-09-16: #fashionSPARK

2011-09-10: Quite the Line Up

2011-09-10: “what a fun town”

2011-09-05: There IS wood under that paint.

2011-09-04: Pedestal Harvest

2011-09-03: A team snack line.

2011-09-03: Missouri Spelling Bee Champ Needs Sleep

2011-08-25: They made a sequel?

2011-08-19: Chicken Run

2011-08-13: Cap City Strollers

2011-08-12: Deckview

2011-08-02: He ain’t.

2011-07-30: The joys of handcrafted countertops.

2011-07-21: LTD

2011-07-16: How Far Down the Pyramid of Speed Can You Fall?


2011-07-10: Metals

2011-07-10: Aye

2011-07-10: The First Thing to Remember

2011-07-10: My Fourth

2011-07-08: End of long short week.

2011-07-04: Sharontini

2011-07-04: Fourth of Jukytini

2011-07-04: Aftermath

2011-07-04: Low

2011-07-04: Nom

2011-07-04: America!

2011-07-02: Waiting on a Toast

2011-06-12: Birthday Dinner View

2011-05-30: Factory on the Range

2011-05-21: I’m thinking of a Blondie song.

2011-05-20: Never Too Late

2011-05-20: A Bridge Too Far

2011-05-10: How else would you test paint samples?

2011-04-16: Much Needed Sustenance

2011-04-16: Moore Square

2011-04-16: Wishbone

2011-04-16: A Roof

2011-04-16: Trashed

2011-04-16: Windage

2011-04-13: 3 Exits But No Way Out

2011-04-03: Coming Back from Breakfast

2011-04-01: Laura’s Beverage

2011-03-31: Beyu Haricot

2011-03-27: Romulus

2011-03-27: Iron

2011-03-24: Leaving Durham

2011-03-24: The Back Up Plan

2011-03-24: Always Have a Backup Plan

2011-03-19: Roast Pork

2011-03-12: Of Course

2011-03-06: In or out?

2011-02-28: Glass Makes All the Difference

2011-02-27: Buggin

2011-02-26: That’s where they are.

2011-02-19: From the Floor

2011-01-17: Going Deeper

2011-01-14: Today’s Caption

2011-01-07: Durham Benefits

2011-01-04: Good Morning

2011-01-01: 1/1/11 Rain

2010-12-31: NYE Contrail

2010-12-27: Waiting

2010-12-09: Hello Thursday