16" MacBook Pro

I’m about three weeks in with a 16” MacBook Pro. I think we’ll get along just fine.

Here’s the deal: I’d have preferred a 13” with the new keyboard. But, after nearly a decade of, Ignoring my accountant’s recommendations to start leasing computers, we finally did so—in 2017. Our lease on a pair of the, just hit the market, 15” MacBook Pros with the, apparently, disastrous keyboards kicked off in January. That meant this month we needed two new machines.

To be clear, the only issue I had with the keyboard on that thing after nearly every day use, and some hard travel was the “A” key physically wearing out. Not the mechanism. But, the literal “A” started smudging. So weird.

This new hardware, though, is going to be fine. The keyboard is an improvement. I’m in a between space on keyboards right now. I get there’s an old school guard who wants to bang on mechanicals. There’s a whole new generation coming up having done most of their “typing” on glass. Who needs key depth?

To live in interesting times.

While I’d have preferred a 13” model for the new hardware purchase—better for travel. I’ll have to decide between heavy (with the 16”) and light (iPad Pro) travel events. This will be fine.